Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Rumors

I'm going to corral a few E3 rumors in this post. I think it's always fun to check the rumors against the actual news, and we can do that this week! Without further ado, here's your E3 rumor-roll:

Halo 4

There's an image floating around the web this morning of the supposed Microsoft E3 newspage that was put up early, then swiftly taken down. Contained in the image is the confirmation of Halo 4. The screencap has been making the rounds, but here it is courtesy of thenextweb:

It certainly looks compelling, but I'll wait until the rumors are confirmed in an hour or so.


Sony's new handheld, codename NGP, has also been making waves as of late, with many people claiming its release name to be Vita. This rumor has a mountain of evidence from Sony's website having the name in the source code to leaked images, to a patent and trademark filing today with the following image on the OAMI site:

Sounds well solid and I'm sure we will see more tonight at Sony's press conference.

Project Cafe

Many rumors have been going around about Nintendo's very-well-nearly-confirmed console, codename Project Cafe, from leaked controller specifications to it's supposed name. One source says its name will be Beem, based off of the registering of by the same people who've registered and Most people are crying foul at this because that name was used in a mock-up contest earlier this year and the creator snapped up many domain names relating to Nintendo Beem.

Another, more radical, but also more credible, name comes from Game Informer. They've said their most recent name confirmation Nintendo console is...Nintendo. Yes, like bands have self-titled albums, Nintendo may have a self-titled console. It's certainly a bold move, but after many people took a liking to the "Playstation" text at the bottom of the first NGP model for its actual name, it's not an inconcievable choice. We'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to know for sure what the new console's name is, but I personally hope Nintendo chooses another name. I've had enough trouble talking about movies like Fast and Furious vs. The Fast and the Furious to be fed up with new names being old names. If Ford produces a 2013 Model-T, they'll have my frustration fueled fisticuffs with which to deal.
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