Monday, June 6, 2011

Conversation of Ubisoft Live Press Coverage at E3 2011

D O'Dubhslaine 4:38 pm
it's a Rayman game
the end

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:39 pm
Rayman's got a novel look to it

D O'Dubhslaine 4:39 pm
especially to start off with a sidescroller like Ubi is

D O'Dubhslaine 4:40 pm
it is very cartoony
very slapstick
like a Stooges game

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:40 pm
i'm alright with that

D O'Dubhslaine 4:41 pm
I hate it when announcers force out emotion no one else is feeling

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:41 pm
I agree
Aaron Priceman, hello sir

D O'Dubhslaine 4:41 pm
Mr. Caffeine, hello
I'm Mr. Drinks whatever I'm in the mood for

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:42 pm
Mr. Caffeine, I'm not a fan

D O'Dubhslaine 4:43 pm
"smoking hot gamer chicks"
this man is annoying me
"Not afraid of a few d*ck jokes?!"

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:43 pm
Inappropriate man is inappropriate

D O'Dubhslaine 4:43 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:43 pm
He's setting the stage for something though

D O'Dubhslaine 4:43 pm
if it's a sports game, I'm turning off this stream

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:43 pm
He definitely has my attention

D O'Dubhslaine 4:44 pm
Steve McQueen in a vintage Shelby?

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:44 pm
I want this man to fall down some stairs

D O'Dubhslaine 4:44 pm
it wasn't a Shelby!

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:44 pm
That was silly, but not endearingly so...

D O'Dubhslaine 4:45 pm
it was a 1968 Mustang GT
Shelby had his own motor company in that time that used Mustangs and further modified them into the Shelby line. Steve McQueen drove a 1968 Mustang GT, definitely not a 1968 Shelby GT. Look up the two, they don't even look remotely similar. What an idiot.

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:45 pm
Oh, it's Driver. Remember when I talked about that and how it wasn't on the map anymore?
My stream stopped!

D O'Dubhslaine 4:45 pm
mine did it too

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:45 pm
Pull the slider all the way to the end
You're just missing driver

D O'Dubhslaine 4:46 pm
already done

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:46 pm
which is like not seeing a Fast and Furious movie
If you've seen the first, it won't matter because you've seen everything

D O'Dubhslaine 4:46 pm
I'm still bothered he called it a Shelby in the Steve McQueen movie
it was Bullit!
he needs to get his facts straight before trying to act "hip"

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:47 pm
he just needs to be more authentic
The reaction to Driver in the auditorium: a resounding "eeeeh"

D O'Dubhslaine 4:48 pm
expected in my opinion

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:48 pm
Thank you, sir, for getting that man off the stage

D O'Dubhslaine 4:48 pm
ahhhhh the jungle
that takes me back...

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:49 pm
It's disturbing how they're trying to act hip
Oh, i bet it does
I'll bet you didn't have cameras that good, though

D O'Dubhslaine 4:49 pm
not in the least
nor bad language like that

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:50 pm
Well it seems to me they threw in harsh langage for no reason

D O'Dubhslaine 4:50 pm
no kidding
for games that's one thing

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:50 pm
Like when kids learn how to curse for the first time

D O'Dubhslaine 4:50 pm
but for trailers? Come on

D O'Dubhslaine 4:50 pm
yeah, saying swears out of context
just for the sake of cursing
like Boondock Saints

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:51 pm
OH my, seeing people just like you, dead all around you has got to be terrifying

D O'Dubhslaine 4:52 pm
I would've run out of breath, I'll admit
being underwater like that

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:52 pm
Has something like that happened to you before?

D O'Dubhslaine 4:52 pm
only 4 times

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:52 pm
Not enough to make a real impact though?

D O'Dubhslaine 4:53 pm
not in the least. THey didn't realize I'm a master escape artist

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:53 pm
Neither did I until just now. Wow the kills in this game are cool
The knife ones at least

D O'Dubhslaine 4:54 pm
it's very fluidic
seems like a smooth game

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:55 pm
Yes, it appears speed and reaction time would do you well in this game
Oh, not this fool again

D O'Dubhslaine 4:55 pm
he sure was calm after witnessing half his compound destroyed

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:56 pm
Oh! It's a Farcry game. That makes much more sense now

D O'Dubhslaine 4:56 pm
this guy again
you aren't funny! Quiet down!

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:56 pm
They're good

D O'Dubhslaine 4:57 pm
with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor not really doing WWII anymore, this should be interesting

D O'Dubhslaine 4:57 pm
a special 4 man squad in WWII?

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:58 pm
That's probably to lend credence to the fact that we've never heard of them

D O'Dubhslaine 4:58 pm
so this is Inglorious Basterds, the game

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:58 pm
Oh wow, it's like Bad Company 2, but funnier

D O'Dubhslaine 4:58 pm
comedic killing of Nazis

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:58 pm
Yes, your description is more accurate

D O'Dubhslaine 4:59 pm
I thank you good sir

J Wellington Rommefeller 4:59 pm
That's a game I'm excited for!

D O'Dubhslaine 5:01 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:01 pm

D O'Dubhslaine 5:01 pm
they just get Steven Spielberg on here
say "I love Tintin"
and then a game is born

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:02 pm
Don't forget Peter Jackson

D O'Dubhslaine 5:02 pm
I'd like to

D O'Dubhslaine 5:05 pm
they really are banking on Ghost Recon
at least it won't be a Kinect exclusive

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:06 pm
I hope no game is.
No triple A title, anyway

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:09 pm
The game looks okay enough, I've just never been into tactical squad based games

D O'Dubhslaine 5:09 pm
yet you play Battlefield online

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:09 pm
that's different. I never listen to my squad if I'm on one. I'm the one soldier who snuck to the other side of the map to steal the opposing force's helicopter

D O'Dubhslaine 5:10 pm
good show old boy
I think this is why I was never really into Rainbow Six

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:10 pm
Also, is it just me or are some of these shooters starting to run together?

D O'Dubhslaine 5:10 pm
I liked them at the time
but looking back

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:11 pm
I agree. I played Rainbow Six for thirty minutes and decided it wasn't for me.

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:11 pm
I'm sure some people find it wonderful, but it's just not my sort of game

D O'Dubhslaine 5:11 pm
though I have to admit, I do like Battlefield's squad mechanics
making it less about one man army commandos like in Call of Duty: Anything

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:12 pm
Haha, good point

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:14 pm
Ghost Recon Online?
This should be interesting

D O'Dubhslaine 5:14 pm
I don't have high hopes there
a few will play
but it won't really catch on

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:14 pm
Most likely, yes, but it is free
It would be unwise to underestimate the power of a free shooter

D O'Dubhslaine 5:15 pm
fair enough

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:15 pm
Battlefield Heroes did the same thing and is very successful

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:17 pm
Her mic is not on

D O'Dubhslaine 5:17 pm
he just said "You and your buddies sharing the tent"

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:17 pm
she seems excited about whatever it is she's talking about

D O'Dubhslaine 5:17 pm
I believe she's talking about pies
varieties of pies

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:18 pm
free, online, squad based pies?
Trackmania was just flashed

D O'Dubhslaine 5:18 pm
and future soldier pies
both mics aren't on?

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:18 pm
It looks like it's kinect time

D O'Dubhslaine 5:18 pm
bad form
Kinect time?
pardon me then

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:19 pm
Ubisoft, so far, has the worst press conference
Wait a tick

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:19 pm
Something's happening now

D O'Dubhslaine 5:19 pm
more racing
more drifting
not enough Assassin's Creed

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:20 pm
is that the name of the game?
I can't tell because her mic is off

D O'Dubhslaine 5:20 pm
I think so
Trackmania Canyon Pies
you win ingredients at each race
and depending on your placement depends on the ingredient per race
then you make your ultimate race pie in the end
pie based gaming, it's the future my friend

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:21 pm
Another rabbids game
This time ont he kinect
This guy is at least interesting looking

D O'Dubhslaine 5:22 pm
oh there's a winner
Rabbids + Kinect = instant winner

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:22 pm
He may keep me interested

D O'Dubhslaine 5:23 pm
it's the next generation Whack-A-Mole

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:23 pm
It's hole int he wall

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:24 pm
They made Kinect Hole in the Wall
and other mini games, i'm sure

D O'Dubhslaine 5:25 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:25 pm
That's what Rabids is all about

D O'Dubhslaine 5:25 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:25 pm
That's my favorite thing! This is silly doing the "HAHA IT'S THE PAST AND THAT'S FUNNY" thing is getting old hat now

D O'Dubhslaine 5:26 pm
absolutely we get it, Commodore 64 existed, but the jokes my need to let it go

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:28 pm
We didn't even mention the dance game I assume we both did the same thing yawned and did something else

D O'Dubhslaine 5:29 pm
I was eating a pickle

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:30 pm

D O'Dubhslaine 5:31 pm withholding my opinion on Rocksmith until I see more actual footage

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:31 pm
Seems like a good idea, but I'd have to play it

D O'Dubhslaine 5:32 pm
instead of a bunch of I guess famous guitarists talking about it

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:32 pm
plus, Dave Navarro is doing a vdieo for it so I don't trust it inherently Fitness games. Why

D O'Dubhslaine 5:33 pm
you know what I love? working out and by that, I mean I absolutely detest it why would I want to exercise in a game? when gaming is my excuse NOT to exercise?

D O'Dubhslaine 5:34 pm
Assassin's Creed Super Nintendo style?

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:35 pm
Okay, I'm fine with Assassin's creed on SNES

D O'Dubhslaine 5:35 pm
it's about time!

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:35 pm
these graphics actually look itneresting I'd play this game if it was real Finally! This is one of the only reasons I wanted to watch this press conference

D O'Dubhslaine 5:36 pm
I like how they are making these branch games for Ezio's story so they can really get in depth about the character without going in to Assassin's Creed III keeping a "trilogy" OH LOOK FOOTAGE

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:36 pm
I like how his hoodie is a desmond hoodie Is that Ezio they're dragging? Now i'm really interested in this game

D O'Dubhslaine 5:37 pm
I like how an arrow to his shoulder just means nothing

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:37 pm
Look at all the locals!

D O'Dubhslaine 5:37 pm
yeah Ezio as a master assassin

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:37 pm
Wow, Ezio has aged well

D O'Dubhslaine 5:38 pm
oh look at those faces

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:38 pm
there are none. They're all covered I'm sure they'd be impressive OH there's a face!

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:38 pm
Your stream must be ahead of mine

D O'Dubhslaine 5:38 pm
\OH HELLO DE-HOODED EZIO wow that looks really good just...LOOKS good oh wow gameplay demo too?

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:39 pm
Whose face is that? Is that really Ezio? He looks alot more detailed, so I can't tell Oh really? Now I'm excited for the next minute of this stream

D O'Dubhslaine 5:39 pm
Ubisoft, this makes the last hour of nonesense now worth it yeah it was Ezio :-)

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:40 pm
The voices are the same, am I right?

D O'Dubhslaine 5:41 pm
ayup absolutely good sir oh look, the fighting! that's really clever finally even more use for that Eagle vision

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:42 pm
oh yes! That's a great idea

D O'Dubhslaine 5:42 pm
weeee! zipline assassin!

D O'Dubhslaine 5:43 pm
Ottoman Empire flamethrowers available at your local Home Depot

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:44 pm
Ezio, fire still hurts assassins You'd better get out of that fire The ziplines are a neat addition, but I wish you could do more on them

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:45 pm
Haha, the humor is subtle but good

D O'Dubhslaine 5:45 pm
exactly Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:46 pm
I like the intriguing thing at the end

D O'Dubhslaine 5:46 pm
it's for Desmond Desmond being trapped in the animus he'll be exploring a kind of matrix-like world trying to rebuild on it using his own memories as well as a few others in a nutshell in order to be able to wake up from the animus

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:48 pm
Where did you get that information from? Are you a wizard as well as a colonel?

D O'Dubhslaine 5:48 pm
I'm not just a sport hunter, gamer, and retired military man I'm also a scholar who reads it was mentioned in the prestigious GameInformer Magazine in depth in the environments the Templars and how Ezio is even able tp access playable memories about Altair further linking the 3 major characters

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:50 pm
Wow! That certainly does sound exciting

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:50 pm
Good show, Ubisoft

D O'Dubhslaine5:50 pm
good show indeed wot

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:50 pm
I trust I'll see you in an hour for Sony's presser?

D O'Dubhslaine 5:50 pm
indeed, I shall see you there good sir

J Wellington Rommefeller 5:50 pm
Good show. Until then, colonel
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