Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Conversation of Nintendo Live Press Coverage E3 2011

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:53 am
Good morning!

D O'Dubhslaine 10:53 am
Morning you young holligan
starts in 7 minutes

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:53 am
The Baron is biting my hand
I just hope he calms down or leaves before the conference starts
Also, this press conference is going to be an exciting one

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:55 am
With all the rumors on the internet about this console, I'll be interested to see which are true and which are falsehoods

D O'Dubhslaine 10:56 am
seeing as I just woke up, I'll let you take the highlights on this one
and 'll do the aim convo

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:56 am
Sounds good to me
My internet went down half an hour ago
and I was quite distraut!
Luckily, the good ol solution of "unplug it and plug it back in" paid off

D O'Dubhslaine 10:57 am
good thing you didn't have to resort to the Russian solution

D O'Dubhslaine 10:57 am
and hit it with a hammer

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:58 am
Are you watching on G4?

D O'Dubhslaine 10:58 am
yes sir
and they just told me about Burger King

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:58 am
I enjoy Burger King

D O'Dubhslaine 10:58 am
I do as well
they have a very delicious fish burger
and even have a vegetarian burger that is quite tasty

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:59 am
I've heard that on the radio!

D O'Dubhslaine 10:59 am
oh I do enjoy the radio

J Wellington Rommefeller 10:59 am
Would you wager a guess at what I enjoy more than the radio?
Reggie Fil Ames

D O'Dubhslaine 11:00 am
that was my wager!
did you just see the new controls?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:01 am
Those were all mock-ups

D O'Dubhslaine 11:01 am
I was hoping they were glimpses into the future

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:01 am
the Baron's head is resting on my hand
Typing is now a warm and furry activity

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:05 am
Here we go!
Skyward Sword
I like the Zelda montage here. It's the 25th anniversary of Zelda and I'm glad they're recognizing that

D O'Dubhslaine 11:07 am
as am I

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:07 am
Very classy touch with the live orchestra

D O'Dubhslaine 11:07 am
my all time favorite old Nintendo game is a Zelda game

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:08 am
Most gamers love this franchise, so it's always a safe bet that games in this series are going to be big hits

D O'Dubhslaine 11:08 am
my this orchestra certainly IS a classy touch
Nintendo may have already won E3 here J

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:08 am
I'm sure there's at least one fan in that auditorium crying
They're certainly starting off with a bang, let's see if they can follow that up with good news

D O'Dubhslaine 11:09 am
there's one fan at this computer who's crying

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:09 am
True enough
The new footage from Skyward Sword and the Ocarina remake was tremendous

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:10 am
Bravo, Nintendo!
and getting Miyamoto on stage first off is a big move
Miyamoto's faithful translator

D O'Dubhslaine 11:11 am
Nintendo is just full of class today!
true gentlemen
true scholars

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:11 am
Yes, Zelda musc is very iconic

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:12 am
Oh! More orchestra! I'm okay with this!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:12 am
as am I
they were off I bit there

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:13 am
Oh wow, fairy fountain

D O'Dubhslaine 11:13 am
the fairy music
I love this song

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:13 am
Everyone does

D O'Dubhslaine 11:13 am
do you remember in Link's Awakening the easter egg of the giant overweight fairy?
oh poor show violin #4

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:13 am
Whew! Almost a catastrophe
Did he fall into a pit?

D O'Dubhslaine 11:14 am
Link's Awakening

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:14 am
Links Awakening on 3DS!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:14 am
are you kidding me
that's my game

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:15 am
Ocarina of Time 3DS next week!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:15 am
Link's Awakening is being re-released too!
I didn't want a 3DS
now I HAVE to get one!
I played Four Swords

D O'Dubhslaine 11:16 am
that was a decent game
though a tad short
the golden wii remote

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:17 am
A bit gimmicky

D O'Dubhslaine 11:17 am
only he with the golden wii remote can enter the Nintendo factory
and see its wonders

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:17 am
but a little cool
We must attend one!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:18 am
fantastic indeed

D O'Dubhslaine 11:18 am
except for violin #4
she almost ruined it for everyone

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:19 am
Her hands have been removed already
A CD as an incentive for registering your game with club Nintendo

D O'Dubhslaine 11:20 am
I didn't need incentive to begin with
except for that bloody 3DS!
I really didn't want to spend the money for one J
but Link's Awakening is my all time favorite game and I'm its loyalist fan

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:21 am
Now you understand why I need to get a Vita
Uncharted is my thing

D O'Dubhslaine 11:21 am
I don't care J
I don't care one bit about Vita
I just don't care
haven't we already established this?
or are you not paying attention?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:21 am
Yes, but I'm trying to make you understand me, not the Vita
Come now Colonel
Iwata coming out to some rather upbeat music!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:22 am
I'm already in a cheery mood to see him

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:23 am
As much as I enjoy Iwata, his accent is a bit difficult to understand

D O'Dubhslaine 11:24 am
just announce the new console!

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:24 am
pronounced weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

D O'Dubhslaine 11:24 am
the new Wiiiii
I can't take my eyes off the "presented by Burger King"
I now crave Burger King
those blasted trollops, the advertising is working

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:25 am
I didn't even notice it until now, but that sounds like a great choice for lunch

D O'Dubhslaine 11:25 am
Oh hello Starfox
oh no
I think I see what he's doing

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:26 am
Mario Kart, Star Fox, Super Mario Bros
And now Icarus

D O'Dubhslaine 11:26 am
it's a 3D console isn't it?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:26 am
I'm betting not. I'd wager this is all for the 3DS
A new Luigi's Mansion!
Oh my yes!
I loved that game!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:27 am
Ghostbuster Luigi
that was fun
Ok it was the 3DS
thank the LORD

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:27 am
He's here to kick people in the teeth

D O'Dubhslaine 11:27 am
I would have been extremely upset if the new console was all 3D

D O'Dubhslaine 11:28 am
the new console is something for new everyone
wow, that details a lot

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:28 am
I'm sure he's still talking about the 3DS
Mostly because the logo is stamped everywhere

D O'Dubhslaine 11:29 am
he is
I do love Mario Kart
and if I may say so myself, am quite a player on it
especially the older game Double Dash
the map DK's Mountain?
much like the third Fast and Furious movie
that is my mountain
I'm a professional on that mountain

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:31 am
I like the new features
The customization looks interesting

D O'Dubhslaine 11:31 am
oh that's nifty
the DS itself is the joystick for the plane
ah Mario, that loveably Italian

D O'Dubhslaine 11:33 am
you know what I want to see back J?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:33 am
Final Fantasy VI?
We all do, ol boy

D O'Dubhslaine 11:33 am
now that's just teasing me J
I was going to say
Mario Paint

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:34 am
Oh, yes!
A new Mario Paint would be splendid

D O'Dubhslaine 11:34 am
I'm sure Nintendo could be very clever in all sorts of new sounds and features for an updated Mario Paint

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:35 am
This icarus game is nothing like the original but it certainly looks fun

D O'Dubhslaine 11:35 am
my that game looks like galavanting fun!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:35 am
but I can already tell with that dialogue it'll be beyond cheesy

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:36 am
Of course it will be
It's a nintendo game
Oh, and AR cards

D O'Dubhslaine 11:37 am
Luigi's Mansion 2

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:37 am
Luigi's Mansion 2!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:37 am
it's about time
I say the Ghostbusters make a cameo in this game

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:38 am
Do you realize what this means?

D O'Dubhslaine 11:38 am
don't cross the vacuums!

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:38 am
Luigi's Mansion is a series now!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:38 am
you're right J!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:39 am
ooh Ace Combat
that looks fun
hey is the picture flickering for you J?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:40 am
Yes sir it is
It's not just the rum, I think

D O'Dubhslaine 11:40 am
oh good, it's not me then
Scotch today ol' boy
but still my fear ;-)
well we know that they're opening witht he 3DS
and then going to the new console
instead of pulling a Microsoft and talking only about their motion controls
we were mistaken
Link's Awakening isn't for the 3DS

D O'Dubhslaine 11:41 am

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:41 am
It's a virtual console game
For the 3DS

D O'Dubhslaine 11:41 am
it's to be bought on the eShop on 3DS
then that means it'll just be the original game

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:42 am
3D excitebike is free, I think

D O'Dubhslaine 11:42 am

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:42 am

D O'Dubhslaine 11:42 am
it's about time!

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:42 am
Everyone knows what a Pokedex is, Reggie
Pokedex 3D?

D O'Dubhslaine 11:43 am
Pokedex 3D
I do love POkemon
I have no shame in saying

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:43 am
That camera feature will be abused

D O'Dubhslaine 11:43 am
much like pictochat
but it'll still be entertaining
and I'm ok with this

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:44 am
3DS doesn't have pictochat
And that makes me sad

D O'Dubhslaine 11:44 am
are you sure?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:44 am
I have one

D O'Dubhslaine 11:44 am

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:44 am
I should konw

D O'Dubhslaine 11:44 am
I didn't know, I do apologize

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:45 am
Here comes the new console!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:45 am
I say it'll be called They
They would like to play

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:45 am
The current rumor is
Wii U?

D O'Dubhslaine 11:45 am
Wii U?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:45 am

D O'Dubhslaine 11:45 am
that can't be the new console
there better be a lot of new features and hardware
Oh wow

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:46 am
Oh my, it is the new console

D O'Dubhslaine 11:46 am
the controller rumors were true
it's a tablet with joysticks and buttons
I'm actually ok with this

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:47 am
I get it!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:47 am
it's a tablet

D O'Dubhslaine 11:48 am
wait, is this tablet controlled the whole new device?
or is it a new console with it?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:48 am
I have no idea
Maybe Wii U is the new controller

D O'Dubhslaine 11:49 am
J, I can not lie
this device looks pretty nifty
and by pretty, I mean incredibly!

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:50 am
I agree, but the one thing I'm having difficulty with is the fact that none of this is being done live. There's no telling what it will actually do when it's released

D O'Dubhslaine 11:50 am
don't lose faith J
this is still Nintendo

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:50 am

D O'Dubhslaine 11:51 am
see jay? Even the Nintendo controller has a bigger screen than the Vita!
ok ok that's the last VIta hit, I promise :-)

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:51 am
It had better be
Or you'll be seeing the business end of my cane!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:52 am
has anyone ever told you that your mustache wiggles when you're angry?

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:53 am
Only those I've left alive long enough to say so

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:54 am
This new controller certainly has potential
However, like the Wii, I'm worried about developers not utilizing its full potential

D O'Dubhslaine 11:55 am
as am I chap
as am I
and I want to know if a console is coming with this controller
or this controller is encorporated witht he current Wii

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:56 am
That's what I'm confused about

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:56 am
Is it a new console? Is it just the Wii with a new controller? Who knows

D O'Dubhslaine 11:57 am
I think it's a controller
they keep calling it the WiiU controller
not the new Wii Controller

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:57 am
Smash Brothers!
On both 3DS and Wii U!

D O'Dubhslaine 11:57 am
Oh my
that'll make tournaments interesting

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:58 am
I wonder if they will be connected...

D O'Dubhslaine 11:58 am
that one I can tell you
it'll be interchangable

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:59 am
Hmm, The graphics are looking okay in this trailer
The camera focusing makes it look more high definition and realistic than it actually is

D O'Dubhslaine 11:59 am
I don't see how this bloody bird is showing me what this system can do

J Wellington Rommefeller 11:59 am
Very nice touch

D O'Dubhslaine 11:59 am
other than graphics are better

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:00 pm
Can the system carry a flower into a lake?
Is it water proof?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:00 pm
the system will make fish jump

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:00 pm
Made of coi fish?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:00 pm
the Wii Coi

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:02 pm
Was that game catch mii or chase me?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:02 pm
and next year, the new Blow Mii

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:02 pm
Crass, Colonel!
But quite funny

D O'Dubhslaine 12:02 pm
I apologize

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:03 pm
Wow, they are pushing hard for Wii U + 3DS development

D O'Dubhslaine 12:04 pm
yes they are

D O'Dubhslaine 12:04 pm
I think this may be just a new controller J
and not a whole new console to go with it

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:06 pm
This is like Wii's Kinect or Move

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:06 pm
Hmm, some of these games seem interesting

D O'Dubhslaine 12:07 pm
I didn't know a knew Aliens gamew was coming

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:07 pm
Metro Last light looked interesting

D O'Dubhslaine 12:08 pm
don't really have high hopes for it personally but still

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:08 pm
And a new Tekken game. Hardcore fighting game fans will love that

D O'Dubhslaine 12:08 pm
Oh hello Ninja Gaiden

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:08 pm
Oh and a new ninja Gaiden!

D O'Dubhslaine 12:08 pm
gratuitous blood much?

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:08 pm
Nintendo is really trying to show off that it can do bloody, serious games

D O'Dubhslaine 12:08 pm
they are
but if it's just all over a new controller, I'll be slightly disappointed
I was expecting a whole new console
it's a great device

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:09 pm
I think it's just a new controller

D O'Dubhslaine 12:09 pm
but to call it a new console rather lead me on

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:09 pm
Yes, I agree
Hey, he spoke at EA

D O'Dubhslaine 12:10 pm
quit calling it a console

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:10 pm
So wait, if it's on the Wii, then wil the controller do HD but not the console?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:11 pm
I think so
but to expect us to enjoy Battlefield 3's graphics with only that controller is asking a lot
it's great Nintendo can finally do games like that
but come on lads

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:11 pm
It's asking far too much

D O'Dubhslaine 12:12 pm
unless you and I are being daft and there really is a new console
but they seem to be wrapping up here
I...think it's still a console
it's just a controller

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:12 pm
So do I. They didn't clarify that very well at all

D O'Dubhslaine 12:13 pm
no they didn't
I'm excited for what's coming still
but I feel they really lead us on J

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:13 pm
Yes, I feel a bit cheated
Microsoft and Sony must be signing with relief at not having to bring out a new console soon

D O'Dubhslaine 12:14 pm
they keep doing it!#
controller for WiiU

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:14 pm
God, is it a controller for Wii U or is the controller Wii U?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:14 pm
that implies a console to go with it

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:15 pm
Thank you, Adam Sessler

D O'Dubhslaine 12:15 pm
haha! Even the announcer first says "I really don't know if it's a console or a controller"
that was so deliberate too, you know it was

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:16 pm
Of course it was
Before we end this. Let's find out once and for all whether it's just a controller or a console

D O'Dubhslaine 12:16 pm
how J?

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:16 pm
Everyone on Twitter is confused

D O'Dubhslaine 12:17 pm
I keep seeing articles that say the console is Wii U and the controller is a tablet

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:17 pm
It seems Wii U is a new console, and the just showed off the new controller

D O'Dubhslaine 12:18 pm
I concur

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:18 pm
Thank the lord for the internet
I'd wager they don't have a final design for the console, just the controller

D O'Dubhslaine 12:19 pm
again, I concur

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:19 pm
It should be out next year, so I suppose we'll hear more news throughout the year
So who do you think won the press conference war this year?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:20 pm
I still think Nintendo did simply because they didn't brag about technology they had released a long time ago
it was mostly recent things
and new things
and a lot on games that people are wanting to see
plus games like Battlefield to come to Nintendo

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:22 pm
I disagree

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:22 pm
Sony didn't leave me confused and turning to the internet for answers
Nobody else did that either
But I pick Sony for the best conference this year

D O'Dubhslaine 12:22 pm
ah but you felt the need to research it
you were drawn in ;-)
but I like curiousity

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:23 pm
That's just a fanciful way of saying "Nintendo confused you and didn't answer your questions"
I like curiosity, but that isn't what this is
I'm curious about the games on the Vita and the experiences
I'm confused about the Wii U

D O'Dubhslaine 12:23 pm
yes, you have a point

D O'Dubhslaine 12:27 pm
I don't think Nintendo is saying anything more today J

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:27 pm
They may not, but G4 will be speaking with Reggie shortly and I'm interested in what he has to say. I simply need Nintendo's confirmation of a new console or just a new controller

D O'Dubhslaine 12:27 pm
because you know they will ask

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:28 pm
They are required to, else they are half the journalists we are
And we are not on television

D O'Dubhslaine 12:28 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:29 pm
Okay, it seems to be a console
I want to see the console
Where is it

D O'Dubhslaine 12:29 pm
I need complete confirmation
still not completely satisfied

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:30 pm
I agree. Reggie, please calm my heart
Watch carefully
That looks like a new console
ON the right

D O'Dubhslaine 12:31 pm
it did
it wasn't a Wii at all

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:31 pm
It looks like a Wii 2.0

D O'Dubhslaine 12:31 pm
it did

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:31 pm
which is disappointing
But not entirely unexpected

D O'Dubhslaine 12:32 pm
well look at the Xbox to xbox 360

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:32 pm
You have a point
I suppose from Gamecube to Wii, such a big shift happened that I wanted another
A shift in gameplay
For graphics and hardware, there was negligable improvement

D O'Dubhslaine 12:33 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:33 pm
Which is something this new console seems to do

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:34 pm
I think this is going to have to be something I play before I'm excited
Yes, Reggie is next.
Oh, hello there inFamous 2
Thanks for being delivered so soon

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:38 pm
Does it bother you that games that are due out soon are coming to Wii U, which isnt' coming until next year?

D O'Dubhslaine 12:38 pm
unless we get a surprise and Wii U comes sooner
so it's a new console

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:39 pm
Thank you Reggie

D O'Dubhslaine 12:39 pm
thank you Reggie
Thank you sir
thank you thank you thank you
Nintendo wins, the end

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:39 pm
Next year, when we see him, we'll have to thank him
You say Nintendo, I say Sony
We'll have to differ on this fact, my boy

D O'Dubhslaine 12:40 pm
a full 1080p Wii
bravo Nintendo
yes J, I think we'll have to differ

D O'Dubhslaine 12:40 pm
but it's ok, this isn't a right/wrong answer

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:40 pm
That's quite nice

D O'Dubhslaine 12:40 pm
I'm just happy that it's confirmed as a new console

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:40 pm
As am I

D O'Dubhslaine 12:41 pm
Thank GOd there isn't a Nintendo Vita coming
...don't mind that, that's the scotch talking

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:41 pm
It had better be
I will tolerate no console prejudice

D O'Dubhslaine 12:42 pm

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:42 pm
Unless it's well deserved

D O'Dubhslaine 12:42 pm
vita a "console"

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:42 pm
Like the virtual boy

D O'Dubhslaine 12:42 pm
you're hilarious J
ok I need to stop

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:42 pm
I know where you live, Colonel

D O'Dubhslaine 12:42 pm
I think I need to go get some lunch

J Wellington Rommefeller 12:42 pm
Smashing idea
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