Monday, June 6, 2011

Conversation of EA Live Press Coverage at E3 2011

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:32 pm
Oh my, launching right into gameplay footage. I wonder what game this is
Oh, Mass Effect 3, how silly of me.

D O'Dubhslaine 2:34 pm
yeah no kidding

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:34 pm
Looks like we'll be getting a more indepth look at the game
Thank the lord, it's not on kinect. I've had about enough of that peripheral for one day

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:35 pm
After playing LA Noire, these facial animations just aren't good anymore. He looks like a Ken Dol in a jump suit

D O'Dubhslaine 2:36 pm
oh man yeah
the new Assassin's Creed is using that facial motion stuff LA Noire used

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:36 pm
Oh really?
It's funny how we're talking about other games, when they're trying their damndest to capture our attention

D O'Dubhslaine 2:36 pm
about a game series neither of us play
did you hear that J? Make sure you vigit the website

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:37 pm
Oh I will. I'll be there as soon as possible

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:38 pm
Didn't we just see gameplay?
And a trailer?
so we need a gameplay trailer to round it out, I suppose
Hello, John. You're looking a bit aged
Like a fine cheese or some wine

D O'Dubhslaine 2:39 pm
oh a new need for Speed
didn't know about this

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:40 pm
Ouch, nice dig at other companies when he said they don't need celebrity cameos
They apparantly only race at night?

D O'Dubhslaine 2:41 pm
Oh the Frostbite 2 engine

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:41 pm
I haven't seen a day shot yet

D O'Dubhslaine 2:41 pm
isn't that the one Battlefield 3 is usuing

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:41 pm
I'm not sure, though that sounds great
I'm not sure how I feel about the on foot component
Driver tried that
and look where it is now

D O'Dubhslaine 2:41 pm
oh nice, a Mustang
good choice in cars my fellow

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:42 pm
This chap has never seen the third fast and furious has he?
His drifting is subpar

D O'Dubhslaine 2:43 pm
he's not using enough NOS my friend
NOS is the key to everything

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:43 pm
Oh, I see, I guess all of these running parts are like god of war button pressing sequences
also, why is a helicopter trying to murder a racer?
Oh, because he punches cops, that's why

D O'Dubhslaine 2:44 pm
if you kick a cop, that automatically calls for 20,000 rounds from a minigun on a helicopter

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:44 pm
The game is certainly intense

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:45 pm
With or without silly plot elements like thre reason every other car on the road flips with 2 bullets, but the cop car has sustained hundreds

D O'Dubhslaine 2:46 pm
because cop cars are made of metals unbeknownest to man

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:46 pm
so the sound of kicking out a window is the same as swinging a stick?

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:47 pm
Star Wars is certainly a large undertaking
Considering what happened to the last Star Wars MMO, EA has something to prove
Just a trailer, Bioware?
Hang on a second...
Mountains and smoke machines....
It's time to snowboard, apparantly

D O'Dubhslaine 2:52 pm
absolutely! Time to grab some plywood and surf down a mountain

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:52 pm
Oh dear, avalanches are frightening

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:53 pm
So is jumping off a mountain to grab onto a helicopter, but they do that too, I suppose.
Oh, hello there Peter Moore!
Talkin a big game on SSX
Push the bounds of reality? that's a little sensationalist, don't you think?

D O'Dubhslaine 2:54 pm
it's snowboarding
not thermonuclear war

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:54 pm
Why do they keep pointing us to websites instead of telling us news?
oh right, for ad revenue
my apologies

D O'Dubhslaine 2:54 pm
I love how he's throwing random numbers to sound impressive
42 million gamers on FIFA
this isn't about covering games
this is about covering their websites for the REAL exclusives!

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:56 pm
Good show getting a non-american on the soccer game
Americans would try making Fifa Blitz
which isn't a bad idea at all

D O'Dubhslaine 2:57 pm
Fifa Blitz
that...has potential

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:57 pm
Oh my, that man had tattoos on his face

D O'Dubhslaine 2:58 pm
only a real man has tattoos on his face
I have a few tattoos actually
from my younger years

J Wellington Rommefeller 2:58 pm
Really? what are they depicting?
Lil Wayne
Who names a man Lil?

D O'Dubhslaine 2:59 pm
communists probably
football club
so you can connect online no matter where you are in the WORLD

J Wellington Rommefeller 3:00 pm
So the next time you get captured by lions, you can continue to play soccer with your friends

D O'Dubhslaine 3:00 pm
and know that my 1 other friend who might play FIFA is at a lower level than me

J Wellington Rommefeller 3:01 pm
that's what it's about, really
Excuse me for a moment, someone's rang my doorbell

D O'Dubhslaine 3:01 pm

D O'Dubhslaine 3:04 pm
the middle football player looks like Thor

J Wellington Rommefeller 3:30 pm
snake oil salesmen
you know the type
What have I missed?

D O'Dubhslaine 3:30 pm
you literally just missed the entire Battlefield 3. I hope whomever was that the door was bloody worth it.
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