Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ace Attorney Movie Confirmed!

It seems the internet collective was spot on yet again! Capcom confirmed Friday that an Ace Attorney movie is in the works and that it will be released to theaters in Japan next Spring. The intrepid defense attorney Phoenix Wright will be played by Hiroki Narimiya. He is no stranger to voice acting for anime and video games, appearing in such titles as Honey and Clover and Yakuza 4.

My hopes are that this isn't the picture of his actual costume. My good friend Phoenix would not stand for a look that shabby! He's a sharp dressing fellow!

Miles Edgeworth, demon prosecutor and classy gent, will be played by Takumi Saito. An interesting fact you may not know, Takumi Saito was a film called Boys Love, about two men in a secret, forbidden relationship. While this is an innocuous fact, I can already hear the shrill squee-ing of hundreds of fangirls.

Who out there is ready for the truth to be exposed on the big screen?
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